We would like to share a few comments left by some of our customers.
"I received my medium atom today and it is unbelievable! It's perfect! My birds, I'm sure, will love it" - Tracy K
"The order came today, and I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with *everything*. Wow! I can't wait to give that 80-piece Avian Fluster to my Moluccan. She hasn't had a new toy in a while because she's content with every one's left-overs, but she deserves this." - Sheralin C
"I pulled this toy out of the box and thought, oh it's too big. I hung it anyway and put my yellow collared macaw, Kelsey, on the Atom. Kelsey, was thrilled, making all sorts of ooohhh, aaaahhh happy sounds as he chewed away! "
- Lynn A
"All of our birds enjoy the atom and it is a great way for them to exercise and have good solid footing. Thanks for all your help and advice! " -Gary S
"Our kids love the ATOM ! they love the other swing we have in the kitchen and toys but this atom, was the best toy weve purchased! They crack us up when their playing on it.in the morning they sway back and forth waiting for me to open the cage and let em get on it and scream and swing and chase each other around on it" - Don & Holly B
"I received my order today and was seriously IMPRESSED! The Large SS Refillable Boing is especially awesome." - Allen L
"Not only do you have unsurpassed customer service, these are the nicest ceiling guards I've seen. Rumor has it that your rope perches and swings are the best made in the industry, so our next "boing" or "orb" will definitely be from Mother Pluckin'" - Krissi S
We would like to thank everyone who has left their comments! We love to hear how our feathered companions are enjoying their toys!!